Preventive dentistry

Regular visits to your dentist will protect you from oral diseases ...

Remedial and therapeutic dentistry

Early diagnosis and treatment will help you maintain your oral health ...

Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern dentistry aesthetically upgrades your smile and boosts your confidence!


Our goal is a beautiful and healthy smile

Welcome to our clinic, a modern dental clinic, in the center of Limassol, where both I and my team, do our best to offer you high quality services, tailored to your particular needs and requirements.

Our daily goal is to give you the beautiful smile you desire. Our main concern is to make your visits to our place as comfortable, pleasant and friendly as possible.

Our philosophy, the universal approach of each of you, with special emphasis on the prevention and maintenance of oral health. We seek the smallest possible surgeries and treatments. We treat and monitor both adults and young children, as we believe that oral health and a good relationship with the dentist are shaped and evolved from the first years of our lives.

In collaboration with the dermatology department of our clinic, we undertake the aesthetic upgrade of your face, both with aesthetic dentistry (dental whitening, facets, all-ceramic crowns, etc.), and with aesthetic dermatology (hyaluronic acid treatments, botox, floss, etc.) .

We will be glad to see you soon in our clinic and to cooperate, in order to upgrade your smile and your confidence!


to you and your needs

Our target

A healthy smile and good oral health. Two main axes to which special importance is given.

High quality

Modern technologies and materials are used in order to ensure the best possible treatment for the patient.

Friendly environment

The modern material and technical infrastructure of the clinic and the friendly reception make the patients' visits comfortable and pleasant.

Early Prevention

The prevention of oral diseases and their early diagnosis are 2 factors that are of great importance to us.

Personalized Therapies

Multiple treatment plans are offered so that the patient can choose which treatment best suits him / her.

Security and Trust

Each visit is devoted enough time to provide high quality services, but also for the necessary explanation.

Increase Confidence

The whole team works with the aim of upgrading the aesthetic of the patient's smile, self-confidence and quality of life.

Perfect Smile

A beautiful and healthy smile and your enthusiasm for the result, i


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